Jinnah Super Market

The Jinnah Super Market is the shopping district of Islamabad. You can find everything from
antiques to international designer brands, as well as local items and home furnishings. You’ll find
local and imported food items, gifts, and computer and electronics stores. You can find
everything from high-end items to clothing, electronics, music, and even home furnishings. If
you’re unsure where to shop, you can take a look at the Jinnah Super Market’s detailed travel
guide. You’ll also find an assortment of restaurants and cafes, so you can spend the evening
enjoying yourself with a good meal and drink.

In addition to the Jinnah Super Market, Shifa Foundation organized a tree-plantation activity in
Islamabad in cooperation with the Traders Welfare Association of Jinnah Super Market F-7. The
purpose of the activity was to create a greener Islamabad. The volunteers included students
from Bahria University Islamabad, employees of the Eco Adventure Foundation, and Shifa
Foundation. In all, they planted 150 trees near the market.

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